Beverly Knight can provide curatorial and consulting services for the purchase of artwork for your home, office or corporate collection including placement and installation advice for your artworks. Knight can provide confidential advice on investment quality art acquisitions to complement existing collections, and provide direction with establishing a new collection, including:

  • Site appraisal
  • Budget for acquisition
  • Storage advice and management
  • Advice on the collecting period necessary to form the desired collection
  • Specialising in sourcing older and unique works
  • Specialising in creating valuable, dynamic and interesting collections
  • Sourcing unique fine quality corporate gifts
  • Group or art buying collectives.
  • Knight can provide services to architects and designers in sourcing suitable artworks for corporate environments.
  • Site-specific artworks, including public installation, can be discussed on request.

For all enquiries regarding artwork buying assistance, please contact Beverly Knight at


If you are contemplating selling an artwork and would like assistance with this process please submit the artwork details and provenance via email to to seek advice. Please note that this is not a service for off the cuff valuations, rather for placing good artworks off market into new homes and collections.